What The World Would Be Like If Education Did Not Exist

Education acts as the frame working system on this earth. Without education, there were no rules, regulations, systems, as well as the expansion of civilization. In this way, development and growth of education is the basic thing which has helped us to step on the civilization of the 21st century. Without education, the most crucial loss would be the absence of ethics. Education is the driver to develop an ethical sense among human beings. Without education, human beings would not be able to expand their kingdom across the world, Not only such issues but also people would not be able to continue their livelihood except rules and regulations which system is completely dependent on the educational framework.

Education Not Exist

Now, there is a discussion on possible circumstances of World without education…

The world full of superstitions:

Without education, there would be no presence of science and technology. As a result, from the initial phases of human civilization, in the world there no progression would be found in the world. Human civilization became confined within the forest-based system only. Education acted as the driving force to create the pathway of progress in human civilization.

No dominance of history, art and culture:

Education is the creator of the history of human civilization. If there was no history then human beings would not be able to write down their stories and information in papyrus and caves. These are the sources of history to us until now. We can come to know about the culture of the world as well as the geographical expansion of kingdoms in a historical manner from those sources only. Special Education has given us sources to enrich ourselves with sources of art and culture.

No rules and regulation for anything:

Nowadays there are different rules for business, country expansion, dividing policies across the world. Based on historical rules, and regulation different countries have developed their constitutions also. Without a constitution, the world would be full of crime as people became disabled to develop any ethics within them also. In this way, it became impossible for human beings also to survive in this planate for so long.

Without education earth would be ruined:

With the help of educational assignments, nowadays human beings can handle or control or reduce natural calamities. Nature cant is controlled whereas intensities of natural calamities can be reduced with technological instruments. Otherwise, it becomes a story of Earth planet.

Education provides occupation to millions of peoples:

Nowadays education has helped millions of students to comply with their livelihood as a professional essay assignment writer or content writer. It becomes completely an impossible one without the presence of education. Students can rely on these nerds to avoid their pressure of academic lives and it helps thousands of Subject matter experts to work for the expansion of education.


It is a great matter of imagination that, what would be the world without education. But, it's true, without education Earth planet would be a story for creatures of other planets!