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Actually, in our current educational system, we don’t provide scope to children to write their stories. We pressure our children to learn book-oriented handwritings overlooking their patterns. School-level learning is very hindrance to them. In present-day learning, children are willing to write according to their desire but our institutes don't give the child that scope. Sometimes, we force our kids to write with the joined turn of writing according to manuscripts and old books.

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It's not that handwriting of children is a cursive thing but it does not mean that always the own nature of a kid's handwriting is a cursive one. Rather we can help or guide our kids to write properly to develop a good handwriting style. All children must develop their fair handwriting styles. In this case, it is observed that kids should learn both of these styles where they make a proper mixture of handwriting and cursive writing. But in this period, external guidance is a mandate to provide the opportunities where children will be able to learn about the time management during writing as well as the inclination of learning.

Having the trend of cursive from an early period can make an influence on children learning and handwriting pattern. Cultures of teacher, bribery, traditionalism, as well as prejudices, are an important parameter in this aspect of cursive writing. Cursive writing has an aristocrat's origin from Italy from the initial era of the 19th century. Nowadays to avoid the nature of cursive writing, children are taught to write on the manuscript in the initial period and to write with cursive pattern in their second and third grade. To avoid the bad blending of writing patterns in U.S and Canada children are provided lessons on how to write in a cursive manner. To make the discretion among the cursive style of writing and normal developed handwriting, in France, such cursive writings are limited only in typed scripts but it’s strictly prohibited writing style of pattern. Such a cursive writing pattern is very popular in normal writing style.

Children cut out of cursive writings because it’s very popular among children due to their fast learning sense. It helps people with spelling. Cursive writing helps children to develop their learning capabilities overcoming their dyslexia.

But, it’s very crucial to take care of children handwriting. It helps children to make good marks in their academic papers. In this aspect, we can consult with Sydney Assignment help companies, where brain gaming is done to provide proper cognitive skills to develop normal handwriting for their academic learning. In Australia Best Tutor there is brain consultation procedure where children can learn how to enhance their writing skill and how can they avoid this one. Proper maintenances of cognitive skills can help children to learn and develop in their way.


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