The 17 Interesting Facts About Early Childhood And Preschool

Childhood education in preschools has a tremendous impact on the grown-up phase of kids. It is reported in different websites that, nowadays all the global education forums, as well as academic online assignment portals, are emphasizing on preschool studies. Now, we will discuss all these facts one by one.

Preschool Education

Some Interesting Facts About Preschool Education:

  1. It’s true! Early childhood education has a great impact to lessen the teenaged pregnancy, and it helps to reduce combat crimes.
  2. When students start to go to schools from early childhood then they have got the habit of schooling and learning. It makes good habits among students and reduces school dropout rates.
  3. Another interesting fact is that parents’ investment for child education provides 10% return which is 3% more than general stock market-based investments.
  4. Maybe the U.S is nowadays in the crest of business, profitability as well as economic aspects but till now lagged by Mexico, Russia, and Chili when the discussion is about the preschool based education system.
  5. Early childhood education helps children to grow up with better skills as well as cognition power. In this aspect, the Government and Military both of the parts have supported the view.
  6. Nowadays its proved that child education system has the power to precise the population with their education along with enhancing the profitability level in business environments.
  7. Both liberal peoples, as well as conservatives, make emphasis on pre-schooling of kids because it strengthens the power of economy as well as the defence of a country.
  8. The only preschool has the energy to provide a health concern and education in early childhood. It is recently observed in a report that, preschool going children can save thousands of dollars of family through saving childcare cost annually.
  9. Preschool education is costly but it has a long term return which can help a child to be a good and ethical person.
  10. In preschool children get the scope to make relations with other children. It helps them to learn about relationship maintenances, their strengths, weakness, disabilities along with an enhanced IQ level and cognitive comprehensive skills.
  11. Childcare is always highly expensive one. Sometimes this cost exists adult educational costs also in developing countries.
  12. Due to fresh eagerness among preschool children, they can learn very quickly and preschool going students can make great achievements in their adult education life.
  13. Preschoolers are straight forward in nature and they can easily place their reactions in changing the environment. Among preschoolers, emotional development occurs in a proper pace that's why within 5 years of age they become able to show their sadness, happiness, annoyance, embarrassment, as well as fear, bravery and irritations.
  14. It is observed in the global survey that, adult girls having preschool experiences are more aware to be protected from sexual harassment and others.
  15. Only preschool education can develop a concerned citizen of the country having proper physical, mental, social development.
  16. Preschool education only provides self-controlling power to children.
  17. In preschool not only educations but also some good habits like washing hands before eating, talking in a submissive voice along with other groomings. It makes preschooler completely developed with all etiquettes.

From this discussion, we can cover the entire theme of preschool education and some interesting facts related to your preschooler. Preschool provides the entire realm of life to a kid having age between 3 to 5 years of age. Proper motivation and concentration in preschool are the hidden secrets behind the developed countries.


After complete preschool education, kids take admission to school then they need to necessarily complete their homework. Now, childhood education helps kids in their schooling.