Teel Paragraph Structure Uses In Essay Writing

Teel structure provides a framework for writing an essay, story, and it stands for Topic Sentence, Evidence, Explanation, Link.

  1. Topic Sentence relates to stating the main points.
  2. The key components relating to the main topic.
  3. The evidence relates to providing support to the main points stated in the Topic Sentence.
  4. Explanation refers to explaining the evidence stated.
  5. Link relates to linking back to the main topic in short.

TEEL Structure provides benefits in many ways like focused information while writing, and we remain focused, to the point, the goal is clear, the evidence is provided. It provides structured information.

TEEL Paragraph

TEEL paragraph refers to the section which strictly follows TEEL Structure. For example:

  1. first-line indicating the main topic
  2. The second line explaining the main topic
  3. The third line represents the evidence for the explanation followed by the linking line i.e. putting everything in small related to the core theme.

TEEL Paragraph provides to the point relevant, reliable content. TEEL paragraph consists of a minimum of four sentences describing TEEL. Each TEEL paragraph in the essay following TEEL Structure is independent of each other.

Teel Paragraph Structure Uses

TEEL Structure Example (History)

History is essential to learn, understand, and apply in our daily lives for everyone in society. It provides us a lot of information regarding past lives, decisions made by rulers in ancient times, mistakes made by them, efficient ways they implemented for growth of business, territories, etc. The importance of learning history lies in understanding mistakes, decisions made earlier so that the same fault is not repeated soon and use tactics used earlier to enhance our businesses. Therefore, it is important to learn history as it plays various roles during different phases of our lives.

TEEL Paragraph Structure

TEEL Paragraph Structure strictly follows the TEEL structure. It helps in writing in an organized and efficient manner, and a useful acronym in essay writing. It helps writers in writing all the information without missing out on any in a condensed way. TEEL Paragraph Structure provides the reader with information on the main topic and what it would contain the upcoming just by reading the first sentence as it comprises the main points of the subject. Secondly, an explanation regarding the main arguments of the topic followed by the evidence to support the clarification and lastly by linking them.

TEEL Essay Structure

TEEL Essay Structure provides a framework, guidelines to be followed while writing an essay. This structure helps in covering all points without missing out on anyone in the essay. It helps to cover relevant crucial components of the essay topic. Using TEEL is a technique while writing essay provides a clear vision of the theme, provides various examples to explain the main subject like using facts and figures that interests the readers. This technique convinces readers as it provides evidence to support the explanation and more reliable information in a structured way.


TEEL Structure is an incredible structure providing detailed information for a topic in a structured, condensed, relevant, summarized way. It attracts the readers as it is goal-oriented, focused, to the point, provides relevant information. It makes the reader understand the entire topic in a glimpse just by reading the first line of the essay as it covers mostly the key points, components, subjects relating to the core theme. TEEL Structure is helpful for both the students as well as the writers in writing an essay and paragraph provide a sequential framework to write a topic.

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