Learning Various Referencing Styles With Ease Like APA And MLA

Summary: For any assignment referencing is the most important part as correct referencing gives right and due credit to the original content writer for all the hard work that has been done by the writer. Referencing for any assignment is very important.

APA (American Psychological Association) style of referencing is considered the most common form of referencing styles for the assignments. Students should have good knowledge and understanding of different referencing styles but APA is considered to the most used and important one.

APA References

There are different rules for each of the types of referencing and the most important ones are –

Rules for Author:

  • Initials of the author are separated and are ended with the period like for example Halela, M.S
  • In the case of multiple authors, they are separated by the comma and ended with the ampersand, for example, Halela, M.S., Thai, V., & Collins. J.ac

Rules for Date:

The date is used to put in the date of publishing of the reference but if the date is not available then n.a is used for example Thai, V. (N.D)

Rules for Tile and Publisher:

Rules for tiles changes depending upon the article and for publisher name of the city and the state code must be stated for example Auckland, NZ

There are also few basic rules that should be followed for the referencing styles, especially for the APA referencing style-

  • There should be complete details in the reference i.e. about the name of the author, date of the publication, title and etc.
  • Referencing should be in the new separate page
  • Reference should be at the end of the content
  • Should always be centered aligned
  • Name of the authors should be alphabetically
  • Should have all in-text citations

The in-text citation is used when the exact quote is taken from the reference with little paraphrasing to ensure that the right credit is given to the original author for the quote just used in the paragraph.

All these referencing styles are taken into consideration whenever a student needs to refer their work as if there is no referencing in their assignment solutions then the student will lose their marks. No referencing means an incomplete assignment and that would lead to reappear in the examination and may cost mental pressure for the students. In all aspects, of the points mentioned above are worked upon by the student then it is assured that student will get full marks for reference.


Each and every aspect of referencing is been learned here and post this student would be able to understand the different referencing styles and pattern with ease which would also focus on giving the right credit to every original essay writer.