Communication Protocols Importance And Examples

In this digitalized world, the entire communication system is dependent on websites or web addresses. In the internet world, these protocols are mainly developed through their bonding with WWW (World wide web), W3C, IETF, or Internet Engineering tasks. Such an assemblage provides the worldwide internet operation-related activities. Communication protocols not only provide the web of rules for worldwide internet-based communication but also it has the responsibility to maintain the limit of different kinds of access-related abilities. These communication protocols are highly crucial because they protect from cybercrime-related issues. It provides a safety lock to the internet system from vulnerable internet operations. For example, it can be said that communication protocols are observed from HTTP is converted into HTTPS. Sometimes, extensive utilization of the SSL or secure sockets layer certificate acts as the standard one.

Communication Protocols

What is the communication protocol?

The digital structure of the message along with its related rules is known as the communication protocols. These protocols are established mainly to continue the easy flow of information exchange from one computer to another. These communication protocols are very crucial for the continuation of the telecommunication process were sending and receiving messages are always performed. Through these protocols, different kinds of error detection, signaling system, authentication, and correction are done. Excluding these services, there are different kinds of activities, such as semantics, syntax development, and establishment of the analog as well as a digital communication system.

Importance of the communication protocols:

Communication protocols are important because they provide active participation in the signal sending, messaging, receiving, and exchanging of different kinds of files and others. Communication protocols are mostly important for processing information from one device to another one. In telecommunication-related activities, there are Transmission control protocol and user datagram protocol.

Types of communication protocols:

According to the utilization process, there are two kinds of communication protocols which are inter-system protocol and intrasystem protocols. The inter-system protocol is mainly developed between two different devices such as the development of the connection between the computer and microcontroller system. The intersystem protocol is also subdivided into UART protocol, USART protocol, USB Protocol. Contrarily, intra-system protocol is utilized to develop communication between two devices present within the circuit board. In this intra-system protocol, there are the possibilities of extra power consumption as well as circuit-based complexity. In this way, the cost is also reduced here and it is highly secured for accessing and exchanging data. There are different types of intrasystem communication protocol such as I2C, SPI protocol, and CAN protocol.

Examples of communication protocols:

According to different surveys, there are huge examples of communication protocols which are Wifi, SigFox, Bluetooth, Near field communication, Z wave, zig bee, OPC-UA, Cellular, MQTT. Data communication-based protocols are more important. The data communication protocol is another part of this communication protocol where these are mainly utilized for understanding the nature of networking systems, computer devices, and others.

Another kind of communication protocol is the PLC protocol where it works on different kinds of software. Examples of PLC-based communication protocols are Profibus, Optomux, Mesecnet, Data highway, Distributed network protocol, and others.

All of these kinds of communication protocols are highly important for telecommunication systems. Nowadays for storage purposes, different kinds of communication protocols are utilized in global business management organizations. Here MQTT and HTTP types of communication protocols are mainly utilized. Examples of communication protocols utilized in cloud computing are the Gossip protocols, Media Transfer protocols, Secure shell protocols, Internet group management protocols, and others.

These are the basic overview of the communication protocol system along with its utilization and examples. More research and developments are required in this field for utilization and expenditure of these services.

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