What is a college resume?

High school resumes offer colleges an idea of students' achievements, hobbies, extracurricular activities, and job history. Resumes can be a beneficial tool for preparing for high school interviews (, 2021). These can be offered to educators who are writing letters of recommendation. Getting admitted to the top strata of colleges is extremely competitive and has become more so in the last decades. The number of resumes is increasing; however, the number of students getting admitted is decreasing. Therefore a college resume must have the most important elements that a college usually prefers so that the student has a chance of getting selected.


Elements in a college resume

  • Heading with name, email, and address
  • High school particulars with date, rank, GPA,
  • Academic rewards, accomplishments, publications
  • College courses, summer programs, particular workshops
  • Community service
  • Work experience (, 2021)
  • Special talents

The primary thing that must be present in the admission resume is comprehending what to include in the paper. The CV must have the below-mentioned elements:

  • The application header
  • Application synopsis
  • Education part
  • Job history part
  • Resume skills part (, 2021)

A high school resume will get a student to the head of the course that has the role of speaking straight to the preferable college and explains why the student prefers there. The head of the college will notify the presentation of the resume, including the layout and design, to offer it a mature and polished outlook.

How to compose the resume

Keep it brief- Write down the actions that are honorable and most symbolic to the student. The thumb rule is to only have one to two pages for the entire resume.

Understanding depth and length - When deciding on which accomplishments to write, it is noteworthy to remember that colleges would fairly see a student succeed and participate in one or two major activities rather than in twenty different ones. The resume must show the job responsibilities, skills, and training in an after-school job (, 2021).

Every detail must be listed- the details are what distinguish one resume from the others. While listing the set of extracurricular, details regarding the role, school years, particular contributions, leadership roles must be included.

Formatting is important - The resume must be easy to notice. Information has to be divided into parts, proper headings, and bulleted lists, and a steady font. Proofreading is the key (, 2021).

Accuracy and honesty - Colleges are aware of how to notice irregularities in all the assignment papers. Colleges will not waver to call the counselor to corroborate if any written information does not seem accurate. Therefore only the information that is relevant and correct must be included (, 2021).


Résumé for college must be a concise picture of the student at this particular moment in life. The résumé must not be more than a page long. It must be memorable but moreover be simple to comprehend. The information must not be overstated or made up. The resume must have all details such as accomplishments and experiences needed for admission in high school. The summary part must be used to complement the essay regarding college admissions. The resume must focus on extracurricular actions and academic accomplishments. Each college must be targeted by knowing the school's values and philosophy. The application must paint a precise and good impression of the student so that the committee can accept him without worry.

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