Assignments: Expectations versus Reality

Millions of students across the corners of the world burn their midnight oil behind assignments. Every student has a dreamy expectation to achieve A+ grade whereas a few only can materialize it.

Expectation vs Reality


Normally, whenever a student is given with his half-yearly or yearly assessment after completion of modules, a motivation refreshes students for seriously completing the task. But, in reality, most of them get distracted only after a few times. Compilation of an assessment to achieve A+ or A grade marks it needs vigorous research which only can be done, professional nerds. In this period, only the right decision is the game player behind materializing expectations into a reality. In this write-up, there are the loopholes where student sleeps during submission of their assignments.

Let’s start!

  • The expectation of student: This time I will be aware of procrastination error…it has hampered my previous semester

  • Every time students promised themselves to be away from delaying during starting the assignment. It is true, that if you can start, there is a bright chance that you can complete. But, students make delay in starting and just before 15 or fewer numbers of days they become anxious about its completion and mainly about their grades.

    It's the reality that, when the deadline is far, students feel relax and awake up when submission date knocks at the door. In this point, it is hard to equalize the quality of assignment and quantity of time.

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  • Expectation: 2500 word based report? It is nothing but a cup of tea!

  • In reality the flow of motivation in the initial moment may drive the students for a sky-touching expectation but just after starting assignments on a few days before its submission it makes a lot of confusion. Confusion occurs in the application of proper Harvard, or APA, OR MLA or other referencing styles, bibliography making, the appropriate placing of figures, in-text citations and others.

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  • Expectation: Structure of assignments can be done easily. Experts are not needed for such an easy task.

  • Reality: Its hard nut to crack during finding out the pathway in Google for “How to start an essay/ dissertation/ reports/case studies?”

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