Addicted to social media? Let’s find out why

While it’s coming to socializing our prospective, nature, behavior or our personal life we love to get involved in social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and so on.

The world is changing very fast and people need to keep themselves updated and take a full stop in front of social media. Here people share their daily feed. In this hassle and basal people have less time to interact with their loved ones and closes ones.

Social Media Blog

Somewhere down the line social media has become our daily meal. Their provoking food has been delivered to the customers (like you and us) to make us more focused on social media.

Social media companies have their own think tanks to make their platform more addicted. Yes, it's true! We are addicted to social media.

As we know all things have their pros and cons and so social media has its own too.

  1. Question1:- Did you ever think that you are losing your precious time while doing social media, why?
  2. Question2:- Did you ever think that you are feeling more peace while doing social media, why?
  3. Question3:- Have you ever thought that is it useful to you?
  4. Question4:- Can you spend one day without using social media?
  5. Question5:- Are you spending more time on social media than your work?
  6. Question6:- Is it hampering your daily routine?
  • All this is because you are getting more addicted to social media. And there is another thing that most of the time we emitted ourselves through social media by the presence of influencers.

  • Very often we keep staying away from these platforms to maintain our personal lives. Still, we believe we have to come to these platforms at least once in a day. Because we need to be updated with the daily facts.

  • Constantly we check our mobile phones while talking with someone, while eating and while doing something important.

  • At the same time, social media platforms are useful to us in many aspects. In terms of daily news in terms of what is going on in our surroundings and also daily updates about the world.

  • There are many kinds of researches which say that social media is a platform where people make themselves stress less according to their user behavioral. Another study says many people use the platform to show their characteristics. Some people take it as a marketing platform to reach their prospects.

  • Social media has involved with new futuristic such as like comment share to keep everyone engaged in it. It creates zeal to everyone's mind. These platforms play with human's minds that we are not able to understand. They invest a huge amount of money on it. Socialization is now a fashion to everyone's life. But we never thought that we are being exposed to these platforms without knowing the facts that they always keep on track our everyday routine our individuality our personal life and each hook and nooks.

Despite knowing these serious issues we use social media platforms and make ourselves more exposed to society. Neither we can stop using social media nor will we entirely stop to use it.

Best uses of social media platform

  • Facebook for tutoring videos and curated content for assignment needs or others requirment.
  • Twitter best use for news, blog post and GIFs.
  • Linkedin best use for Jobs, company news, and professional essay writer.
  • Pintrest best use for to provide the information by infographics.

Now if we come to the conclusion that whether we should use social media platforms or not then it's up to you.