A Brief Knowledge Of Spatial Order

The location of any objects in order of their physical characters can be defined as spatial order. Therefore, spatial order can describe items as they are in their physical location.

Here is a paragraph that should be an example as follows:

There is a laptop on my desk with a pen-stand, mouse, mobile phone, and a diary. There are also some whim-whams and a wrist cushion. The cafeteria is well stocked and the T.V. is on low volume.

While, you can get a basic idea of the items mentioned in the last paragraph, but yet cannot get an idea of their particular location or how the desk has been organized, which would describe in a spatial order as follows:

A Brief Knowledge Of Spatial Order

There is a laptop right of me and to it's right is a mouse. Below the cabin, there is a pen-stand at the center. There is a mobile phone on the left-hand side of the desk and a diary lies in front of it. Around the top of my desk, some whim-whams disintegrated, and specifically in front of me, there is a wrist cushion. The cafeteria beyond the chamber from my position is well stocked with coffee, syrups, and cups. The television is on low volume which is assembled on high at the left wall.

Objectives of Spatial Ordering

The pattern of spatial order in writing can work when the writer wants to create an imaginary picture of something, which has various parts differentiated by their physical location. You can start by introducing an object, location, or scenario elaborately therefore focus on the specific details. If you want to use this method of planning in your narration, you have to maintain some objectives are as follows:

  1. The spatial ordering would be described as the overview of the reader and the most important or appropriate details should be determined.
  2. The outlook of the scene you want to describe should include all the objects analytically, by choosing a starting point.
  3. The last and most important point of applying some progressive terms and instructions to build up an analytical relationship with the objects.

Phrase Signs Of Spatial Order

One of the most important factors that can make a good writer is having good knowledge of the English language and the writing capacity as well. Many other factors can make a writer perfect. Utilization of a phrase or some words for the correct and the most prominent understanding of place is another element in spatial ordering. An able writer always knows the usage of the words and has the skill to organize or utilize the words in the most attractive manner.

Some phrase signs of spatial order have been shortlisted, which can be used by a spatial ordering writer. Most of these words are prepositions, which are usually placed at the prime of sentences.

  • Into
  • Opposite
  • Against
  • Behind
  • Alongside
  • Beneath
  • Above
  • Between
  • Across
  • Below
  • Through
  • On the left-hand side
  • On the right-hand side


One should gather sufficient knowledge as a result of this significant discussion. Now you can define what is spatial order, and you should also organize an essay or a paragraph in the spatial ordering method, which would help to visualize or imagine a scene in a superior context of attracting the reader's attention.