QANTAS Organisational Structure

Background of QANTAS

Thanks to its world-class flying facilities, QANTAS has earned a reputation for itself in the aviation sector not just in Australia, but across the world as well. After over a century of service to the aviation sector, the firm proudly considers itself to be one of the most reliable organizations in the industry. Founded in Queensland in 1920, Qantas will commemorate its 100th year of safe and precise service in 2020. A lot of its success may be attributed to its fellow Australians.

QANTAS Organisational Structure

Goodwill of QANTAS

It is widely acknowledged that Qantas is one of the world’s strongest and most reliable long-distance carriers. A lot of Australians and individuals from all over the world are employed by this company, which has a very good reputation in Australia. Safety, operational reliability, customer service, planning, maintenance, and engineering are only a few of the company's strengths. Qantas and Jet star, two of the company's airline brands, are responsible for the majority of the company's revenue. Regional, national, and worldwide clients have come to expect class and safety from these two brands.

Subsidiary of QANTAS

QANTAS has become a global brand in its 100-year history. It's the reason people smile, and it's the reason they can feed their families. Besides being a leader in passenger and air freight transportation, the firm also has a number of subsidiaries, which are mentioned below:

  1. QantasLink-
  2. It is the regional airline of the Qantas group and is based in Sydney, Australia. The firm has created this airline in order to better serve its fellow Australians and make their everyday travels more convenient. This regional airline was developed by QANTAS to meet the needs of Australians as the globe becomes more modernized and travel requirements increase. Over 2000 flights a week are operated by the airline, which flies to a variety of urban and business areas throughout Australia.

  3. Qantas Loyalty Program-
  4. Qantas Business Rewards and Qantas Frequent Flyer are examples of Qantas's unique business strategy. From travel to retail to health and well-being to small enterprises, the categories for the same vary from travel to retail to financial services. In addition, it helps other businesses remain in touch with their consumers and gain their loyalty using its tried and true tactics throughout the past few decades

  5. Australia's National Carrier Qantas Freight-
  6. Known as Australia's biggest independent air freight company, Qantas Freight flies more than 4000 goods to more than 500 global locations every day. There are a number of trustworthy business colleagues at the firm that provide road transport and home delivery services, which helps the delivery cycle run smoothly.

  7. Air Canada and Jetstar Group-
  8. Due to its low-cost tickets and frequent leisure flight services, Jetstar, a subsidiary of Qantas, has created a reputation for itself. As for Australia and New Zealand, Jet Airways is controlled by the Qantas Group, while the Singapore-based Westbrook Investments, Vietnam Airlines, and Japan Airlines are owned by Mitsubishi Corporation and Tokyo Century Corporation.

Management of QANTAS and conclusion

A defined corporate governance framework is followed by the Qantas board of directors who ensure a three-step approach to shareholder value. The Qantas Board of Directors oversees the whole Qantas management system, which is additionally overseen by the Qantas Audit Committee. Chairperson and independent non-executive director Richard Guider AO President and CEO: Alan Joyce AC Director, Maxine Brenner is an independent non-executive director of the organization. Jacqueline Hey is a non-executive director who is independent. Belinda Hutchinson AM is a non-executive director who is an independent. The Independent Non-Executive Director Michael L'Estrange AO Unassigned Non-Executive Director – Paul Rayner Todd Sampson — Non-Executive Director Independent. Antony Tyler – Independent Non-Executive Director. Barbara Ward AM – Independent Non-Executive Director.